Bus Driver Pulls Over, Walks Toward Dog In The Middle Of The Highway

No one knows how this stray black dog ended up in the middle of this busy highway in Brazil, but someone was certainly looking out for her on this day. Passengers aboard a bus in Rio de Janeiro were confused at first when the driver pulled over, but they soon realized what he was up to.

The driver got out and walked toward the dog pacing near the center divider and got to her before anything could happen. She was now safe and in good hands.


As the driver came back onto the bus with the dog by his side, the passengers erupted in cheers and celebration. They didn’t seem to mind the slight delay at all!

The dog was thrilled to finally be safe and sound, and it’s all thanks to this hero!

UPDATE: The bus driver ended up adopting the dog! What an amazing story all around. 🙂

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