Butterbean the most loving Bull Terrier passes away this month

Butterbean is not an ordinary dog but he is known for his extraordinary kindness and love that he held for all the animals throughout his life. Butterbean was particularly famous among Rocky Ridge Refuge’s Facebook followers because she loved every animal she met. It is with great sorrow that we have to inform you that the dog passed away this month after going through numerous complications after a tooth surgery. This news has greatly saddened everyone because everyone loved Butterbean.

Janice Wolf is Butterbean’s mom and also the founder of Rocky Ridge refuge posted an update to the Facebook page. She said that the dog went to have surgery and she vomited a liquid that she aspirated and got really sick ever since.

They had taken the pooch home but the sad thing is that she never perked up and continued to vomit and her conditions became worse. Finally, she passed away, leaving a lot of happy memories for everyone who knew her and met her.

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