By Smelling Your Pee, This Dog Could Actually Save Your Life

Dogs are always sniffing things. Some things you are okay with them sniffing, but other things you might find a bit bizarre. When This dog comes up and sniffs the toilet bowl after you pee though, you should anxiously await what happens next because it could save your life.
This is Frankie. Frankie has been trained to be able to sniff whether or not you could potentially have cancer, just by getting a whiff of your urine. In a study conducted by the University of Arkansas, Frankie was able to detect when a patient has cancer 88.2% of the time.


Frankie’s nose was able to determine whether a patient had cancer or not in 30 of 34 cases, which is an amazing ratio considering humans often have a difficult time determining whether or not a person has thyroid cancer, even with extensive testing.


This important discovery has prompted researchers to see if other dogs could be trained similarly because it could save an abundance of lives. It could help people realize there is an emergency even when they don’t suspect anything. Plus, it would give dogs important, life-saving jobs.

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