California bans sale of puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores

In a landmark California bill, starting January 1, pet stores will be prohibited from selling puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition to the ban, sponsored by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell and supported by the an animal advocacy organization, AB 485, a pet store operator must obtain the animals from a public animal shelter or rescue group.

“The bill would require all sales of dogs and cats authorized by this provision to be in compliance with laws requiring the spaying or neutering of animals, as specified. The bill would require each pet store to maintain records sufficient to document the source of each dog, cat or rabbit the pet store sells or provides space for, for at least one year, and to post in a conspicuous location on the cage, or enclosure of each animal, a sign listing the name of the entity from which each dog, cat, or rabbit was obtained, and would authorize public animal control agencies or shelters to periodically require pet stores engaged in sales of dogs, cats, or rabbits to provide access to these records.”

The Social Compassion in Legislation has become part of the solution of the growing epidemic of surrendered and stray pets while decreasing the egregious puppy mills and inhumane breeding facilities.

AB 485 makes California the first state in the country to enact a policy of this kind and will eliminate puppy-mill animals into California pet stores. California animal shelters receive more than half a million pets into their facilities, and tragically more than half are euthanized – costing more than $250 million of taxpayer earnings each year as well as the moral cost. Other states and jurisdictions are following suit including Maryland and the United Kingdom.

This law will push forward animal welfare and save millions more lives.

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