They Call This Police Officer the Dog Whisperer….

Taunton, MA, police officer Evan Lavigne has a new nickname: the Dog Whisperer.


It appears Patrolman Lavigne has a knack for helping lost pets find their way back home. And step one of the process involves getting them into the back of his police cruiser.

Last week, Lavigne responded to reports of a loose dog and was able to get the pittie in the car. Animal control was contacted and the dog was successful reunited with its owner. But not before a cute selfie was snapped, of course!


Sunday, Lavigne’s animal magnetism was called upon again, this time for a lost boxer. Once safely in the space generally reserved for crime suspects, another fun shot was taken.

Before too long, a comment on the Taunton Police’s Facebook page — where they’d requested anyone with information on the dog reach out to Animal Control — was rife with thanks for Lavigne’s dog wrangling skills. The dog had apparently made it home!

Nice work, Officer!

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