Camera Catches Dad And Dog’s Adorable Nighttime Routine

Ever since José Paulo Da Silva and his wife rescued their dog Lola from the streets of Brazil two years ago, life just hasn’t been the same. Gone are the uneventful evenings the couple had gotten used to.

In their place, however, has come immeasurable fun.

“Lola loves to play,” Silva told The Dodo. “She’s destroyed many things, but we love her.”

Lola’s days may be filled with play, but her eagerness for fun hardly dies down when night falls.

Instead, when Lola senses that sleep is on her parents’ minds, she kicks things up a notch — essentially commandeering their bed, forcing them to play with her to get it back.

“She does it every day,” Silva said.

Here’s video of that adorable nightly routine:

These nighttime play sessions, of course, don’t go on forever. Nor would Lola really want them to.

Because she also loves what comes next.

“She waits for us to sleep and then lays down our bed,” Silva said.

Life with an energetic dog like Lola means Silva and his wife are always on their toes at night — but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“She’s so happy, always ready to play,” Silva said. “It’s hard to think of a better time to be had.”

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