Can Dogs Really Empathize With Our Feelings? You May Be Surprised With These Findings…

At the end of a long and exhausting day, we can always count on our dogs to make us smile. Somehow, we feel that our dogs know exactly how we feel. When we are sad, they look sad too, and they try to cheer us up. They look worried when we cry, and when we are sick, they cuddle with us to make us feel better. But do dogs really know how to empathize?

Believe it or not, people and their dogs are much more emotionally in-tune than we think! It turns out that the bond between humans and their dogs is just as strong as the bond they have with other people significant in their lives. There are behavioral cues that show the bond between dog and owner. For example, when our dogs get excited to see us when we come home. Contagious yawning is also proof of this bond too! Watch the video below and learn more!

This is incredible! And I think that dogs really can empathize with us! I believe that dogs and their humans have an unbreakable bond! What do you think? Do think your dog empathizes with you? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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