You Can Now Buy Matching Pajamas With Your Dog, And We Don’t Know Why It Has Taken This Long

Many families love dressing up in matching holiday pajama sets—they’re the perfect thing to wear while you’re opening up presents. While it’s easy to find pajama sets for the human members of your family, it can be tougher to find matching PJs for your four-legged family members.

If you want to match with your beloved pup, FabDog has just the thing for you: flannel pajama sets for dogs and their owners!

FabDog, which calls themselves a “fashion brand for dogs,” has a few different sets of pajamas available. There’s a green plaid pair that will match your holiday decorations. If you want to wear something that will get you into the holiday spirit, these flannel PJs are just what you need.

Or, you can go for a red set clearly inspired by Santa’s coat. These bright red PJs are also great for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for something more subtle and muted, this heather gray set is perfect for you. This cozy set is great for your morning walk.

There’s also a red, white, and blue plaid set. This patriotic pajama set is perfect for Presidents’ Day.

You can wear these pajamas all winter long. You’ll feel warm and look great as you and your pup spend your days curled up next to the fire. They’ll also keep your dog warm when you go outside. When they’re wearing these flannel one-pieces, your dog will definitely be the best-dressed pup at the dog park!

The pajama sets are now available for pre-order on FabDog’s website. If you’re interested, head over to FabDog’s website soon to pre-order your set. You don’t want to miss out on getting a pair or two of these cozy PJs!

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