Can This Dog Guess Where The Treat Is Hidden? You Will Be Surprised!

Have you ever played the moving/magic cups game?

If not, you have to play it with your dog! It can be an easy and fun thinking game for your dog. All you need is a flat surface, three cups, and a tennis ball or a treat for your him. All you gotta do is tell your dog to ‘sit’, then line up all three cups in front of him, and tell him to ‘wait’ as you hide the ball or the treats under one cup. Then shuffle the cups around in front of your dog and then tell him to find which cup the ball or the treat is in! Pretty simple, right?

The Shiba Inu in the video below is playing the game with his human. But it seems like he’s having a hard time locating which cup the treats are in! But he sure is trying hard! Watch the adorable video below!

You’d think that with his powerful sense of smell this dog should be able to sniff out which cup the treats are in! But I guess maybe he’s to hungry to think about that!

But then one comment of the video caught our eye. User Joven Arevalo explains that this dog is smarter than you think! Coz you see, the dog already know where the food is, but if he gets the right answer then the giving of treats is over. But if he plays dumb, then he actually gets more treats! Now that’s some very good thinking! What do you think?

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