Cancer Patient Tearfully Reunites With Her Beloved Pups After Spending 2 Weeks In The Hospital

This woman, named Lisa, was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 Ovarian cancer back in 2015. She went through many rounds of chemotherapy and has spent a lot of time in the hospital.

Her family did a lot of research and found a clinic in Germany that offers immunotherapy alongside a combination of vaccines to promote cancer cell death.

In her first two weeks of treatment, her markers came down from 800 to 179, which is incredible news.

She has recently spent two straight weeks in the hospital while receiving chemotherapy. While her family always misses not having her home, at least they understand where she is. Her poor pups were so confused as to where their human was for two weeks. When we go away, whether it’s for two days or two weeks, our pets might think that we’re never coming home.

Luckily for these two dogs, their human wasn’t gone forever. After her two-week long hospital stay was over, she finally got to go home and see her beloved fur-babies again. The reunion was caught on tape and is absolutely heartwarming.

Lisa held back tears as she sat in her wheelchair and saw her dogs for the first time. Her dogs were equally as excited and greeted her with wagging tails. They jumped right up on her lap and smothered her in kisses. She hugged them both so tight and the three of them are so happy to be reunited.

Watch the tearful reunion for yourself in the video below, and be prepared for your heart to melt!

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