Cat Kidnaps Puppies And Takes Them To Her Trailer Home. When I Learned Why? Heart Melting

Mrs. Kitty is a mom. But, she doesn’t have a litter of kittens to care for – she has a litter of puppies! Missy Grant, Mrs. Kitty’s, owner shared this unbelievable story and admitted that it is odd! After losing her litter of kittens, Mrs. Kitty kidnapped a litter of puppies! But don’t worry, the puppies were being ignored by their birth mother for an unknown reason.


Mrs. Kitty wasn’t about to let the helpless pups die, so she took them all! One by one, she carried the pups to her nest and cared for them. Mrs. Kitty even gives them baths! It sounds like everything worked out as it should, the babies are well cared for, and Mrs. Kitty has the family she always wanted!

Take a look at this video!

As for the puppies, they will grow up being loved by their mom, who just so happens to be a cat! What more can a puppy ask for? Share away, people!

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