This Cat May Have Some Ulterior Motives When He Tries To Calm Down His Doggie Pal

The winter months can be a really stressful time for a lot of us. It’s dark on the way into work, dark on the way out, cold, icy, gray, and no one wants to go anywhere or chew on any tennis balls. Oops, sorry that last one was a dog thing… Well, dogs can have it rough, too. Lucky for this pup, though, he’s got a generous cat friend to massage all his worries away while whispering sweet musings into his floppy, velvety ears.

[youtube id=”_CqBLZ2kzoY”]

Did you see the pup’s eyes when the kitty mentioned his biscuits? Maybe this feline’s generous massages aren’t as well-intentioned as I originally thought. I guess he’s not expected to forget about the century-long rivalry between the two species with just one morning therapy session.

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