Cat “Superhero” Defends Her Canine Friend Against The Neighborhood Bully

While out for a walk one fine sunny day, a dog and his owner stopped to say hello to a neighbor. The neighbor happened to be a cat, and the dog went nose-to-nose with his feline friend. Thankfully, the dog’s mom captured the entire love fest on video. In a matter of seconds afterward, things took a turn for the worst.

Just as the cat finishes up her bonding session with the dog, suddenly a Border Collie comes zooming into action. The Border Collie took off after the cat’s canine friend, but that’s when the real action kicked in.

The cat jumped off her perch and went after the Border Collie. Not only that, but the cat chased the dog all around the neighborhood, and the dog was clearly afraid of the cat!

The woman filming this episode could not control her laughter, and when you see the video you’ll see why.

That cat was trying to teach the Border Collie a lesson. We’re certain the tough kitty got his message across loud and clear.

Press play below to get your dose of laughter for the day.

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