Cat Survives Attack By A Pack Of Dogs, Then Becomes A Mother To An Orphaned Puppy

A few months ago, a 2-year-old cat who was living on the streets of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, was attacked by a pack of dogs.

A local woman found the cat, who was later named Gertrude, and rushed her to a vet clinic run by Compassion Without Borders (CWOB), a rescue organization that helps street dogs in Mexico.

She was badly injured with many open wounds and needed to have surgery right away. On top of that, they discovered that she was pregnant. Sadly, the unborn babies couldn’t be saved, since the dogs caused internal damage when they attacked her. Thankfully, Gertrude was recovering well from her surgery.

Fate has a very funny way of working out. Sometimes things happen, and we are unsure of the reason behind it. But later on, it all makes sense. The past few months for Gertrude were rough. She was in a lot of pain, and in a very sad situation. But fate brought her to this shelter, and soon, it all made sense.

Not too long after, a little puppy named Clementine was brought in to the same shelter Gertrude was at. Clementine, along with her three siblings, were dumped at the clinic when they got sick, and the person never came back for them. The puppies were very sick, and Clementine was the only one who survived.

When Claudia Ortega, the CWOB clinic manager, walked past Gertrude’s cage with Clementine, Gertrude made it very obvious that she wanted to be closer to Clementine. She went to the front of her cage and peeked through it, making sounds.

After seeing that, Ortega arranged for Gertrude and Clementine to formally meet, and the two of them got along great! Gertrude had every reason to hate dogs after what she had been through, but she absolutely loved Clementine.

It was just what Gertrude needed to help her heal; and it was just what Clementine needed as well after having a rough start to life without a mom.

“Gertrude started grooming her and purring and soliciting affection from Clementine,” Camblor, cofounder of CWOB, told The Dodo. “And Clementine was just so tiny that it was probably nice to have another warm body to cuddle up to and to be friends with.”

Every time Ortega would take Clementine away from Gertrude, Gertrude would cry until they were reunited. From that moment on, they were kept in the same cage, and then went into foster care together at Ortega’s house.

Gertrude took on a motherly role with Clementine, and the two of them became inseparable. Gertrude enjoyed grooming and cuddling Clementine, and Clementine loved sleeping on top of his kitty mom.

Camblor recently brought the adorable pair to California, where they could find forever homes in America. Now in California, the two are still in foster care together, in the hope that they’ll get adopted out together.

“We are trying to get them adopted out together, which we know is a very special request,” Camblor told The Dodo. “But we’re going to try and see if there’s anyone who’d be willing to open their home to both of these guys. We’re hoping the right people will step forward who will be able to offer a cat and a puppy a home.”

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