Cat Wanders Into Baby’s Room, And A Conversation Ensues From The Crib

There’s nothing quite like listening in on a conversation between a kid and a pet. You’d need a translator to help you understand what was being said, but the interaction and back-and-forth are cute enough as is! Just check out the cat and baby in the video below. 🙂

The parents had this to say on YouTube about the special moment:

“We had just put our 18-month-old son down to sleep for the night, and shut the door to his room, or so we thought. Our cat pushed the door open to say “goodnight” as well. She starts meowing at him in the crib, and he meows right back. She then jumps on the chair to get closer to him so they can continue their “conversation.” He stands up to get closer to her, too. We had no idea this was happening until our baby monitor alerted us of the noise. We then had to remove the cat from his nursery so he could finally go to sleep without any distractions.”

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