Cat Won’t Stop Giving Kisses to Terminally Ill Dog Sister

Anna has bone cancer in one of her legs, and may not have much time left.  When she was having a particularly bad day, her kitty sister, Izzy, showered her in kisses to make her feel better.


When Anna was rescued by animal control officers in Union County, South Carolina, she was completely emaciated and tethered to a tree with a neck tie.  She was only 28 pounds, heartworm positive, and had been abandoned after she was used up from having many litters.

Heidi Schermerhorn-Wagner found her at the shelter and fell in love


She spent the next five years getting Anna healthy and helping her overcome the traumas of her past.  The bond between them grew so strong, it even inspired Heidi to found the rescue group Boxer Butts & Other Mutts.

“Because of her, over 3,000 dogs’ lives have been changed,” Heidi explained.

Sadly, Anna was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right front leg, which then spread to her lungs.  She was given three to six months to live.

But they couldn’t know how much perseverance she had.  Her diagnosis was a year and a half ago, and Anna is still hanging on.  Heidi says she still welcomes every foster dog who enters their home.


“Most of them are on death’s door and she will not leave their side.  Even on her bad days she continues to try to take care of others.”

Recently, she was feeling pretty bad, and lie on the front porch, feeling lethargic.  Izzy walked over to her and gingerly licked her face for over half an hour.

“Anna had also helped take care of Izzy when she suddenly got really sick a couple of years ago,” Heidi said.  “It seemed Izzy remembered and did her best to comfort Anna.”

No matter how much time Anna has left on this planet, she can rest comfortably knowing she is surrounded by love.

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