Cats Adopt Pit Bull Puppy After His Own Mother Tried To Eat Him

Cats and dogs are deemed as enemies for life. However that surely isn’t the case for Nicolas and his feline friends.

You see, Oliviera’s cats are downright in love with Nicolas. It seems like they love Nicolas more than the dogs do!
Taking in a week-old pup is hard work. He had to be bottle-fed three times a day. The bandage on his paws will also have to be changed daily.

Thankfully, Oliviera has a lot of help from the cats. They make Nicolas feel safe and at home. They always cuddle with him.

Go to the next page to see how this story ends. What an absolute fairytale!

God knows what could have happened to Nicolas if it wasn’t for Oliviera’s intervention. Nevertheless, I am happy that he is happy and safe.

After Nicolas was taken off the streets, all he had to do is take lots of naps to grow and recover. He is now a fine and handsome pup after all the dedication and kindness and hard work that Oliviera put into his recovery.

I hope that Nicolas will grow to be a fine dog. The cats will soon be teaching him the way of the world.

It’s really sweet what his feline buddies did and are continuing to do for him. Puppies need a mother’s touch that only other four-legged mammals can provide.

May Nicolas life a happy and full life with his new family. Don’t forget to like, comment and share if you loved this story!

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