Cats Who Are Determined To Nap Wherever They Want, No Matter Who’s In The Way

Cats are infamous – they are known for their ability to sleep on anyone, anywhere at anytime. Which means that Lucifer can even nap on you! And perhaps, his canine friends – these pictures below show you the sleeping patterns of how cats in general, sleep on dogs!

No bed? No problem – Fido is here for me to lie on.

Even a little kitten can lie on a big dog, too!

Is that a rug? Oh wait – its a brown dog he’s lying on!

White dogs such as this Samoyed make excellent cat-cuddling material!

This little kitten loves to snuggle during nap time with the family’s big dog – isn’t he a precious little thing?

Cats have the ultimate luxury – to curl up on top of a dog’s head!

Make space – there’s room for another cat on this dog!

Even dogs that closely resemble wolves aren’t spared, either!

You can tell that these two are the best of pals!

You stretch, I stretch too – on top of you, that is!

This isn’t a Shakespeare play – its CatDog, stacked.

Look at the little kitty by the corner!

Kitten throne right here – near his canine best friend’s belly!

This brown pair are just too adorable!

I bet that there’s only one kitten to begin – until the other decided to join him!

This bulldog is so gentle – his feline friend is fast asleep right beside him!

And who says that canines and felines cannot nap together?

Simba is seen playing pounce – and winning it.

Cats even lie on their buddies – in the park!

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