Cattle Dog Digs Trench To Help Owner ‘Herd’ Water Through The Yard

Some dogs just want to help out and feel purposeful in life.

Take Sissy, for example. As an Australian cattle dog, herding cattle is in her blood and DNA. She needs to have a purpose and that purpose should preferably be herding.

Considering Sissy lives on a farm with plenty of animals, she doesn’t have any trouble staying busy. She’s constantly helping out her family with work around the farm and sometimes, she helps out in unexpected ways!

You see, it’s not just animals that Sissy herds. It’s water, too!

In a clip shared on social media, Sissy’s owner can be seen slowly tipping over a red bucket full of water. While water usually would just pour all over the place, Sissy doesn’t allow that to happen.

The sweet dog gleefully jumps at the task and begins digging a ditch, always keeping ahead of the water to “herd” it in the right direction.

Based on the dogs’ Instagram account, it seems she’s gotten into the habit of herding water every chance she gets!

Some dogs are just so eager to please and it’s clear that Sissy is one of them. What a great helper!

Check out the video below:

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