Caught on video: Dog chases his owner’s car after abandoned

At Lake Ming in Bakersfield, California, a heartbreaking scene was caught on video Wednesday afternoon,  as a dog chased his owner’s car and tried to jump in after having been allegedly abandoned.

According to an eyewitness, who videoed the scene, the playful black dog thought his owner was just playing with him and frolicked happily until the man pushed him aside and left. As the faithful dog refused to leave his owner, the man struck the dog in the face several times trying in vain to discourage the dog from following him.

Desperate to stay with the man, the dog put his paws on the driver side door, but was ignored as the black sedan sped off. And still the dog didn’t give up and tried to chase the car – nearly getting hit by an oncoming vehicle. On his Facebook page, the eyewitness, Stephen Sage Silver posted the following information hoping to find the person responsible for abandoning his pet:

“Abandoned dog at Lake Ming

If you live in Bakersfield please share this. These people were hitting this dog in the face when I first approached them. They then abandoned the dog after the Male tried to get into a physical altercation with me. As he drove off he was yelling it’s your dog not mine (not exact words). Kern county animal services is working on a case and needs more information about the owners. Please share on any Kern County animal related groups. People like this need to be brought to justice.

Car is a Chevy Malibu I think.
Plate # 7YBYA258″

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