Celebrating the 23rd Birthday of Bully, the Oldest Dog at a Senior Rescue Home

Despite his advanced age, Bully, who joined a senior dog rescue at the age of 21, keeps surprising us with his vibrancy. This resilient Chihuahua recently celebrated a birthday that few dogs ever reach.

A heartfelt birthday celebration for this endearing elder Chihuahua

While the lifespan of dogs unfortunately doesn’t match that of humans, some dogs are fortunate to enjoy exceptionally long lives. Each birthday in a dog’s senior years marks a notable milestone, worthy of celebration.

Recently, a delightful rescue dog named Bully turned 23 — a remarkable age in dog years — and was treated to a special birthday party to commemorate this occasion.

Bully, a Chihuahua, had a rich and fulfilling life, but at 21, a significant life shift occurred: his elderly owner could no longer provide care, and Bully was admitted into the senior dog rescue The Mr. Mo Project, according to The Dodo.

Transitioning to a new environment at such an advanced age can be a challenging experience for a dog. As a “super senior”, Bully, also affectionately known as Bobo, is well beyond the average lifespan of his breed.

However, after two years at the rescue, Bully has adjusted beautifully to his new home and continues to thrive. “Bully is spirited, mischievous, tender, independent, placid, and he possesses an adorable old man bark,” shared Chris Hughes, the man behind the rescue, with The Dodo. “Even at his age, he enjoys a bit of playful roughhousing with our other Chihuahuas.”

As the oldest resident of the rescue, Bully’s fantastic 23rd birthday was commemorated in style. According to a Facebook post, Bully was born on April 5, 1999, making him one of the few dogs alive today who have seen two millennia. Bully has reached an age that few dogs can dream of.

For this elderly canine, a laid-back celebration was just what the vet ordered. “He doesn’t have many teeth left, so we got him a soft biscuit and crumbled it up for him to enjoy,” Hughes said. “His favorite pastime is sleeping, so that’s the best gift we could offer him.”

Chris Hughes and his wife Mariesa established The Mr. Mo Project, a sanctuary for senior dogs, inspired by their experience of caring for Moses, a 12-year-old dog who had been surrendered for being “too old.” Reportedly, the couple invested over $55,000 in transforming their home into a haven for these often overlooked senior pets, ensuring a safe and loving environment for them to spend their twilight years.

“We both work full-time jobs outside of The Mr. Mo Project,” Chris told Insider. “This is not a job, this is a labor of love. All our funds are directed towards this cause.”

“Many of the dogs that come to us are probably overlooked due to their physical appearance. They might have bad legs, bad teeth, crusty eyes, or matted fur. But they still have so much life to live.”

Over the years, they’ve witnessed numerous senior dogs come and go, and they always make sure to celebrate significant life milestones for their dogs.

“We try to celebrate all the wonderful things that happen in our home because so often there are not-so-great things that happen,” Chris told The Dodo. “We celebrate when dogs finish chemo treatments, birthdays, adoptions and have been known to have Christmas in July if we think someone won’t make it until Christmas.”

And surely, Bully’s fantastic 23rd birthday was one of those extra special occasions.

Happy birthday, Bully! It’s indeed an astounding achievement to reach the age of 23 — wishing you even more content years ahead!

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