Center For Homeless Youth Now Provides Free Vet Services For Their Pets

 In Denver Colorado, there’s a safe place for homeless teens where they are given food, clothing, and a place to relax for a little while. This place is called Sox Place.

Sox Place is founded in 2002, and it’s a safe place for homeless young people who have either ran away, have abusive parents, or have issues with substance abuse. But now it has become more than just that. Sox Place now provides free veterinary services to the pets of these homeless young people. And that was certainly good news for one teenager named Louis Peters.

Louis Peters picked up a dog in Oregon and named him Dagger. During that time, Dagger was just a pup and he was covered in fleas. Louis took Dagger in, and since then, Dagger is the only family that he has. So when Sox Place provided free vet services, Louis is so glad that he doesn’t have to spend much to give Dagger a clean bill of health. Watch the video below for the full story!

Isn’t this amazing news? A million thanks to the people at Sox Place for providing vet services to the pets of homeless young people. There are homeless people out there whose only friend and family is their dog, and it’s wonderful news that they can now give their beloved pets the necessary shots to keep them healthy.

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