Chained Dog Who Suffered Severe Burns Reunites With The Vet Who Saved Him

Smokey the dog was ecstatic to see the veterinarian who helped save his life after he was severely burned months earlier. The dog was rescued from a fire after he was found chained to a tree in Jupiter, Florida. Firefighters rushed him to the emergency vet to see if he could be saved.

Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC) wrote: “Fen [formerly Smokey] was found tied to a tree in March 2017 with third degree burns so severe that his leg was burned down to the bone. After spending a lot of time with us at JPESC, Constant care, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and tender loving care, he was adopted by Dr. Katelyn Thomas.”

“Earlier this week, Smokey came back to JPESC. As you can see, he is SO thankful for all of the care, love and treatments that he received during his time with us! Welcome back, Smokey!”

It’s a moment of pure joy. Smokey (aka Fen) is so happy to see Dr. Latimer at JPESC.

“He has an amazing and happy life now, and even gained a doggie brother,” JPESC added. “We love this sweet, amazing and resilient boy so much!”

Nearly a year later, Fen was the official mascot in the city’s annual animal rescue walk – Peggy Adams Walk For The Animals – and had a great time. He sees Dr. Latimer again, and of course, is all wags and kisses again!

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