Charlie The Beagle Waited Months For Baby Sister – His Reaction When They Meet Is Going Viral

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know just how strong the bond can get between people and pups.

Dogs seriously become a part of your family, and you grow closer to them every day. You want your dog to be an important part of your life, so you share everything with him. And that’s definitely true when you welcome a new member of the family.

When baby Laura Olivia’s parents brought her home from the hospital, she was immediately greeted by Charlie the beagle. Her parents had already had Charlie for some time, so Laura was the new addition to the family. Although they were introduced immediately, Laura’s parents didn’t expect them to become such close friends right away.

Charlie absolutely loved Laura.

And because he was her older brother, he started caring for her almost like a human older brother would. He’d play with her gently and lick her cheek to let her know how much he loved her. The pair is very sweet together, and it’s clear that Laura returns the same love right back to the dog. This dog really is baby’s best friend.

Before Laura was born, her parents had created a YouTube channel to put up videos of Charlie. He’s a really smart dog, and they wanted to show everyone else how talented he is. They started to teach him to do things like opening the cabinet, changing the light to cross the street, and even playing the keyboard. The number of tasks that this dog can complete is truly amazing.

However, it wasn’t until Laura was born that her parents saw Charlie’s greatest talent: unconditional love.

He also learned how to take care of Laura, including covering her with a blanket, helping change her diapers, and even swinging her crib. Under one of their videos, they wrote this caption:

“We taught him how to help change her diapers, swing her baby crib, and play gently with her. But the one thing we never had to teach him is how to love our daughter.”

That’s when they decided to start posting videos of the two best friends hanging out together. People soon began to take notice of their videos just because of how cute both Laura and Charlie are. But they kept watching so they could see the development of the relationship between these two beautiful creatures grow. After all, what’s cuter than a dog and a baby together?

This just goes to show that it can be a great idea to have both a dog and a baby.

Although some people think it would be too much work, Charlie proves that sometimes, dogs make living with kids even better, especially when they are such a big help. Not every dog will be able to help with everything that Charlie does – after all, he is pretty impressive. But most dogs will be able to show your child love and support as they grow up. And it’s pretty amazing to watch your human and animal babies grow up together.

Now, Laura is a little bit older.

She’s no longer a tiny baby anymore, but her relationship with Charlie has grown a lot. They both love each other and spend time together every day. It seems like they will be best friends forever. But that doesn’t mean that there’s not room for one more. Yep, Laura’s parents just got a beagle puppy named Lilly. Both Charlie and Laura are going to be there for her while she grows up, just like Charlie was there for Laura.

It’s hard to deny how cute this little family is. With such a sweet brother and sister, it’s clear that Laura is going to have an amazing childhood.

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