Cheerful Dog Wasn’t Going To Let Anything Bring Him Down And Stop His Joy

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a stray with a wounded ear and set out to save him. They expected the dog to be crying out in agony when they arrived, but instead the good boy was wagging his tail! The dog scarfed down some biscuits as rescuers prepared to take him away. 🙂

Nothing was going to bring this cheerful dog down, but he did have a big problem; his ear was shredded and mostly gone. Animal Aid cleaned and debrided the wound and sedated the pup to properly treat the ear.

The dog may have lost his ear, but he never lost his enthusiasm for life. Without treatment, he would have died in pain and agony. But now, Biscuit is alive and well and still wagging that tail off! See him today. 🙂

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