Chicago County Court to Put Therapy Dog in Courtroom


A new bill signed into law in Illinois will allow for a canine therapy assistant to be present in the courtroom.  It’s aim is to have the dog be a comfort to victims of crimes that are very traumatic like child abuse or exploitation, or in the event that there’s someone developmentally disabled and needed to be present for proceedings.


Hopefully, people will feel more at ease and a bit more protected.  Being in a courtroom for some is stressful enough.  When someone is put on the witness stand to testify can be even worse.


If victims felt more at ease, some of the difficulties associated with getting a victim to stand up for themselves, and in general make life a bit more bearable for them.  This seems to be a growing trend in many places.  Funeral homes have therapy dogs, and they are even cropping up with young students in classrooms.  Keep a look out, as you state or county may be next to follow suit!

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