Chihuahua Comes To The Rescue Of Owner Who Lay Helpless For 5 Hours In The Heat

A 92-year-old woman went outside to get the mail when something unexpected and terrible happened; she turned her ankle and fell in a spot where no one could see her. This could have ended very badly, but thankfully she has a hero of a dog as a pet! 🙂

Sassy the 9-year-old Chihuahua follows her owner, Marie Alexander, everywhere. And that turned out to be a very good thing. When her owner went down, Sassy tried chasing down every car that passed for five hours. That’s when a couple walking by heard the non-stop barking and spotted the woman on the ground. Pretty amazing for a dog who only barks when the doorbell rings. This is proof that she knew her mom needed help.

Marie was hospitalized with severe dehydration and ended up with some bruised ribs. But Sassy saved her life, perhaps as a return on the favor for Marie adopting her from the shelter when she was just a young pup. 🙂

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