Chihuahuas Rescued From Trash Filled Van Find New Homes

When an animal lover from Hawaii realized a group of dogs was living inside a dirty van, the concerned individual did not hesitate to call authorities. Thanks to that call, the Hawaiian Humane Society removed three pets and helped find them loving forever homes.


According to KHON2 News, the homeless dogs were living inside a trash filled van with no clean space to rest or eat. Every surface of the vehicle and the surrounded area was covered with garbage, urine and feces.

The pets did not have a proper place to call home but they did have owners who shared the same squalid living conditions. Representatives from the animal welfare organization worked with the owners and helped them understand the unsanitary surroundings were not ideal for them or their pets. Thanks to the friendly support rescuers showed the dogs were surrender.


The Chihuahuas suffered from different skin ailments like mange and were infested with fleas and ticks. The Humane Society offered treated them and after receiving a clean bill of health they were all made available for adoption.

Today all dogs have found loving forever homes.

Visit the Hawaiian Humane Society’s webpage and learn how you can help save other homeless dogs in need.

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