Child reunited with ‘Diamond’ after puppy was stolen while on their walk

In Shelby County, Tennessee, a 12-year-old child was reunited with his dog, Diamond, on Tuesday after the child had been pushed to the ground and his young puppy stolen out of his hands.

According to Wmc5ActionNews, on Sunday morning, Brandon Black had been walking Diamond in southeast Shelby County on Hedgington Drive when a man pulled up behind the child and Diamond, got out of his car, muttered a few obscene words to the child and grabbed the dog as he pushed the youngster down. The frightened child ran home to tell his parents who called authorities.

Diamond, a four-mouth-old American Bully white puppy with a blue patch on her left eye, became a part of the family two months ago, Brandon’s dad, John Black wanted his son to have a dog and to develop a close relationship between the two.

And on Tuesday, as the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office continued their investigation, a woman brought the puppy into the police department telling officers an unknown person had given the puppy to her son, but she had recognized Diamond from the local news reports and wanted to return the pup to her owner. Brandon and Diamond were reunited, and one young boy is so happy to have his dog home.

Deputies will continue to investigate and have promised the will find the person who stole Brandon’s puppy and make sure he is arrested. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities:

“Update 11/13/18: SCSO would like to THANK all who helped us reunite Diamond with her family!

Original Post 11/12/18: SCSO is seeking your help in reuniting a little boy with his dog. Sunday afternoon (11/11/18), a male black occupying a dark gray Chrysler sedan exited his vehicle and pushed a 12-year-old boy to the ground and stole his white American Bulldog. This occurred in the 7600 block of Hedgington Drive. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact our detectives at 901-222-5600 or our dispatchers at 901-379-7625.”

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