Chopper Joe and Paco Juan Seek Comfort and Love After Losing Their Owner

In the Atlanta, Georgia area, Chopper Joe and his bonded Chihuahua friend, Paco Juan, find themselves scared and heartbroken. These two little dogs are lost and alone, and their eyes tell a story of sadness and despair.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue has stepped in to offer assistance. Chopper Joe and Paco Juan found themselves in a shelter after their owner passed away. Their lives changed drastically in just one day, leaving them without anyone to reassure them that everything would soon be alright.

Chopper Joe is extremely frightened and shy, struggling to cope with his loss. His bonded companion, Paco Juan, has been Chopper’s loyal protector, doing his best to be brave for the both of them.

This is what angel nation is here for. It’s what you do best. Take the fear, loneliness and weight off their shoulders and replace those awful things with hope. And these two need all the hope they can get.

Please take a moment to read their story and share it with friends and family. With your help, someone special might come across their photo and understand how much these two need and deserve love and compassion.

If you’re interested in fostering, call 770.835.5844.

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Angels Among Us Pet Rescue P.O. Box 821 Alpharetta, GA 30009

Any excess funds raised for a specific animal will be used for the care and expenses of other dogs and cats under the care of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

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