This Christmas Advert Is The Only One You Need To See This Year

John Lewis, the retailer, has found the star of their new holiday advertisement. Introducing Buster, the hound. Biff the Boxer is starting in the retailer’s highly anticipated Christmas advert this year. The ad has come out a few weeks before Black Friday 2016. The advertisements have come to be recognized as the start of the festive holiday season, and it stars 5-year-old Biff.
On Christmas Eve, Biff has to sit inside the house all night and watch as the neighborhood wildlife leaping and spinning and twirling on the family’s new trampoline. On Christmas morning, Biff can no longer control his excitement! When the little girl rushes out to see her present, Biff beats her to it!
Watch the video to kick of your holiday season!

He now gets to enjoy leaping, spinning and twirling! Ready or not – the holidays are upon us! Happy Holidays everyone! Share away people!

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