It’s Christmas Eve, And The Elves Are Hard At Work In Santa’s Workshop

It’s Christmas Eve, and the “elves” are hard at work in Santa’s workshop. Santa made the list, and they are checking it twice! There are a lot of toys to get through before the morning comes, but Santa’s little helpers are up to the task as always. 🙂

Freshpet takes us into Santa’s workshop where dogs and cats are dressed up as elves using human hands to get the gifts together for the good boys and girls all over the world. It’s so well done, you can’t help but laugh!

Not only is it entertaining and hilarious, but the video served a good cause. When it was released in 2015, Freshpet promised to donate one fresh meal to a pet in need from their network of pet rescues and shelters for each share.

The same brilliant minds who brought us the Holiday Feast video strike again, and this one is just as good! Freshpet is on a mission to bring the power of real, fresh pet food to dogs and cats. And with clips like these, they’re getting the recognition they need to make it happen.

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