Christmas miracle needed: Three years and Hector still doesn’t have a home

A Christmas miracle is needed for Hector. For nearly three years, Hector has been hoping to find a home. It’s not that Hector isn’t personable, handsome or charming; just like many humans, this boy has some special needs.

According to Kelly Reeves, founder of Paw Prints in the Sand Rescue, the eight-year-old Cane Corso /pitbull mix, Hector was rescued from the Downey Animal Shelter on January 11, 2016. Sadly, he suffers from Narcolepsy, Cataplexy and Ataxia.

“He collapses and passes out when he gets too excited. He also has an unbalanced gait due to sensory deprivation (Ataxia). He cannot be in public situations as they can overwhelm him and cause episodes of temporary paralysis and loss of consciousness,” Kelly explained to the Pet Rescue Report.

Therefore, he can not share experiences at restaurants, dog parks and other car trips pet parents like to do with their dogs. Those types of situations could easily overwhelm Hector sending him into uncomfortable situations.

So let’s think. What would be the best situation for this beautiful pup? Hector thrives in a quiet home, enjoys walks around the block, but without a lot of stimulation from other dogs, people or complex situations. He is extremely mellow and loves to just lie around and be cozy. He is crate-trained and house trained. It is not recommended he be around active dogs or small children.

“He loves sunning himself,” Kelly added. “He’s obsessed with the water hose and loves belly rubs. He would be ideal for someone with a sedentary or mildly active lifestyle in an adult-only household. I would prefer him to remain in California.”

Check out his video:

Please share Hector’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Early in his rescue rehabilitation, Hector wouldn’t even come into the house – his entire life had been spent outdoors on a chain. And then when he was no longer wanted, his family surrendered him to the shelter.

Christmas miracle for Hector please? Contact Kelly at  Paw Prints in the Sand Rescue.

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