Clever Dog Alerts Store Owners to His Dognapping Situation

Animals may not have a human language, but they have their own unique ways of communicating. And sometimes, their messages can save them from perilous situations.

This was exactly the case with an Australian Shepherd puppy named Vango. This clever five-month-old managed to alert the staff of a pet store in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, that he had been dognapped. His persistent barking and whining were signals of distress, aimed at capturing the store owner’s attention.

Yves Jodoin, an employee of Au Royaume des Animaux and a professional dog trainer, noticed Vango’s unusual behavior. Initially assuming that the pup was hungry, Yves offered him a treat. But even after being fed, Vango continued to bark, further raising Yves’ suspicion.

Yves told CBC Canada, “The dog was barking, poking, and really wanted my attention. Even when I was giving it cookies, it was still barking.”

When the couple who brought Vango into the store couldn’t provide basic information about the dog, Yves’ doubts escalated. The pair were unable to answer simple questions about Vango’s age, whether he had been neutered, his food preferences, where they got him, or what they had paid for him.

Lydia Blouin, another employee, also noted the couple’s suspicious behavior. Looking through local social media pages for reports of lost pets, Lydia quickly found Vango’s picture posted online. The dog had reportedly been last seen a few hours earlier at his home in Buckingham.

In a surprising turn of events, Yves realized that he already knew Vango — he had trained him as a puppy!

Yves recalled, “As that happened, I said, ‘Vango, come!’ The dog was responding by jumping.” It was as if Vango was trying to say, “Hey, I’m not who they claim I am.”

When confronted, the couple admitted that Vango wasn’t their dog. They claimed to have found him in the woods and intended to keep him as an emotional support animal. While the woman involved was upset, Yves managed to convince her to leave Vango at the store.

Yves then contacted Josée Francoeur, Vango’s actual owner.

Josée was in shock. She couldn’t believe that her beloved pet would have run off on his own. She had noticed Vango missing from their fenced-in yard and had started fearing the worst.

Vango’s return was an enormous relief to Josée. “I can’t talk about it without crying,” she said. “Imagine, I would have lost my puppy for good if those people hadn’t gone to that pet store.”

To prevent such incidents in the future, Josée had Vango microchipped.

She also reported the incident to the local police, wanting to ensure that others are aware of the potential for dognapping.

“I don’t want to make them uncomfortable. We don’t know their intentions. But at the same time, they took my baby. I want to prevent others from experiencing the same thing,” Josée explained.

Thanks to his smart actions, Vango is once again safe at home with his loving owner. It’s a testament to his intelligence and a reminder of the incredible bonds between pets and their owners.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate Vango’s quick thinking and share this heartwarming story. And let’s remember, if your pet ever goes missing, make sure to report it immediately and check your local pet stores — you never know where they might turn up!

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