Clever French Bulldog Puppy Gets His Revenge On The Family Cat

Keen readers already know that 10-week-old French bulldog puppy Pixel is locked in a seemingly never-ending battle with the family cat over his bed. (You can find their previous battle here.)

We thought all hope was lost. It seemed as if poor Pixel would have to spend the rest of eternity sleeping helplessly next to the his former bed while the cat laughs at him. However, he recently decided to fight back, this time emerging triumphant!

[youtube id=”qjVEVfj7tg8″]

He did it! The bed is now back with its rightful owner. This is the happy ending we were all waiting for!

Dogs everywhere can learn from Pixel. Step 1: ask nicely. Step 2: act like you’re just going to drag the bed around. Step 3: reveal demon eyes. Step 4: nap.

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