Clever Golden Retriever Patiently Waits Outside Store, Wearing a Sign Around His Neck

This remarkable story centers on a highly intelligent Golden Retriever named Jackson, who was rescued from a shelter by Steve Moore. Jackson’s exceptional intelligence has been showcased through the dedicated daily training he received from Moore.

In just a month, Moore trained Jackson to perform a trick that left passersby impressed and intrigued. Moore would take Jackson to bustling, noisy locations to train him to remain calm and obedient in such environments. He taught Jackson to sit and stay put, progressively increasing the duration of the stay. Eventually, he had Jackson practice the sit-and-stay command while he moved further away.

The training regime included Moore repeatedly leaving Jackson alone in a safe and secure spot while he ran errands in stores. This approach was preferable to leaving Jackson in a car, where he could potentially overheat, especially since most stores do not permit dogs. Leaving Jackson untethered also meant that he could run to safety in case of an emergency.

In the final step of his training, Jackson was taught to sit and stay while wearing a sign around his neck that reads, “Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.” Despite the hustle and bustle around him, and even as people approached to greet and pet him, Jackson patiently waits for his human to return.

This incredible story is captured in a video where you can witness Jackson’s exemplary patience and obedience. Make sure to watch until the very end to get the full story of this impressive Golden Retriever!

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