Clumsy Puppy In Slow Motion Is Too Cute For Words

Loki the Weimaraner, is only 7 weeks old and still at that clumsy stage. He’s all “paws” so to speak. Dragging that big blanket around is hard for a baby like him but I reckon that’s his favorite blankee; some form of security for him so what’s a few trips and falls when he can lug his blanket around, right? It’s something that he can bite on since he is still “teething” and something that he can lie down and snuggle into when he’s tired too. Why it’s a toy and bed in one and he loves it!

Oh but wait a minute, big brother? Where are you off to? Hey mom, don’t leave me. I wanna go too, wait for me. Whoops! I tripped once again, dad!

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