Cody left behind: Senior pup heartbroken at Miami shelter

Cody was left behind at Miami Dade County Animal Services  when his family moved and decided their loyal dog wasn’t invited. A volunteer described the 10-year sweet pooch as follows:

“URGENT CALL  please read

Presenting a darling adorable fur baby named CODY A1950948

Cody is a sweet, well bred and loving mature dachshund who belongs in a cozy living room warming the feet of a benevolent owner and family.

How cruel can life be? Poor Cody was a good boy his whole life but now he was left behind as if his love meant nothing.”

And so he waits for  the possibility of a new family and a new life. The shelter sent out a plea to all local rescue organizations asking for help finding a foster home to provide him with the help he needs:

“Geriatric pet with heartworm- owner surrendered due to moving, needing rescue/foster.”

Follow this boy’s plight on Facebook here. Cody deserves to live the rest of his years with his soft large eyes filled with happiness and love  with a family who will cherish his love; not crying from a broken heart still waiting for his family to return and take him home. Share this dog’s photo and information with friends, approved rescue organizations and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photo of Cody via Urgent Dogs and Cats of Miami)

For more information about Cody, contact the shelter located at 3599 NW 79 Avenue in Doral, Florida 33122. Make sure to reference CODY A1950948

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