Colombian Officers Rescue A Dog From A Landslide…And Perform A Miracle

The South American country of Colombia recently fell victim to a terrible mudslide. It’s among the worst the country has ever experienced. Since the disaster is still relatively fresh, stories are coming out left and right — tales of loss, survival, heartbreak, and triumph.

One such tale is of Colombian police officers rescuing a struggling dog from flood waters caused by the mudslide. These heroes saved the poor creature’s life, but it took a lot more than a single act to bring it back from the brink of death.
A police officer in the mountain town of Salgar jumped into the Liboriana River to save the drowning dog.


Along with his partner, the officer then administered CPR to the unresponsive animal.


The two later treated the dog with first aid on their truck bed.


The little guy was pretty banged up, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.


Sadly, 78 people perished in the recent mudslide, and damage from the storm is still being assessed. Fortunately there are local heroes on the lookout to make rescues like this. Hopefully this pup finds a forever home! After all, who could resist all that cuteness?

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