He Comes Home To A Mess! At 0:32 You’ll See Who Did It!

Most (if not all) dog owners have experienced what it’s like to come home to a mess made by our beloved dogs. But we just love them so much to get mad at them. Especially if they show us that adorable guilty face; you know, that face that says “I’m sorry” paired with those sweet doggy eyes. But this video won’t show you that sorry face. Instead, the culprit has a different way of revealing himself!

This guy just came home to a mess. There’s shredded tissue paper on the floor. He has two dogs, so he asks each of them who made the mess. But in 32 seconds, it’s gonna be as clear as day who did the mess! When the camera pans to the left, you’ll see the culprit of the crime!

Awww…the poor doggy’s head is stuck in the tissue box! Don’t worry, sweetie. We’re not mad at you. Besides, who could ever get mad at that cute face, right?

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