After Coming Back From War, This Soldier Was Rescued Again By A Furry Hero

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem that can occur after a person goes through a traumatic event like disasters and war. Most soldiers are diagnosed with PTSD because even if the war is over, the stress of the trauma doesn’t leave them, and it disrupts their lives.

USMC Veteran Kenny Bass suffered from PTSD. He was wounded in combat when he was stationed in Iraq. Other than PTSD, he also suffered from hearing loss and other physical injuries. Then he was prescribed a serviced dog. But since the costs were not covered, Kenny had to raise the funds himself. He had no regrets doing so because his service dog, Atlas the WonderDog, transformed his life. Atlas helped mitigate the symptoms of Kenny’s PTSD. Watch the video below and see how his dog changed his life for the better!

What a wonderful story!

Together with fellow Marine, Joshua Rivers, Kenny helps other veterans battle PTSD through the Battle Buddy Foundation, that would place trained, certified service dogs with veterans, at no cost!

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