Commercial Beautifully Captures The Love Between A Down Syndrome Girl & Her Service Dog

We know it’s a commercial. And it’s supposed to make you need Kleenex brand tissues (which it does very well, we might add).

But, even if it was created by marketing dollars, it doesn’t take away from the POWERFUL message it conveys.

Andi was born with Down Syndrome.


Her mom wanted her to have a service dog so she would have a constant friend that would never leave her, and could help her with things.

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Riley motivates Andi to do everyday things and to be more independent.


Watch their special friendship (and yes, have the tissues handy!)

While some may see a service dog as a crutch, it’s clear that Riley is helping Andi live more independently and it’s truly wonderful to watch. Service dogs do this every day for thousands of people! To contribute, visit Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that provides dogs free of charge to individuals needing an assistance dog.


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