Compassionate donkey adopts a dog that was too sick to be around other pups

You might want to grab a box of tissues just in case if you start crying which is highly likely because of the nature of the video. Kolima is a year-old Anatolian Shepherd who was so unfortunate to had Wobbler syndrome which is a spinal condition that forced him to keep lying down in order to lessen the pain. It meant that the dog couldn’t play with the other dogs. Without thinking much, the owner brought his 6-year-old stubborn and jolly donkey named Paolo around to introduce the two to each other.

He did so without thinking much but something amazing happened. The two of them clicked in a matter of seconds and started to get along really well. The two of them have such a special bond between them that whenever Kolima gathers enough energy to stand up and play for a while, Paolo is around and they start playing. It is certain that Paolo has adopted Kolima and their friendship is just admirable.

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