Conditions At A Puppy Mill Blinded Him, But Then He Was Granted A New Life

Of the countless cases of animal cruelty seen by the teams from The Humane Society of the United States, few are as heartbreaking and, in the end, incredibly inspiring as the story of this long-haired Dachshund named Corey.

He was found in an Arkansas puppy mill where he had spent his entire life, forced to live in his own fifth in order to breed babies that would be sold and shipped away. Employees at HSUS found over 100 dogs and other animals in the horrific facility, but none pulled on their heartstrings quite as much as this amazing pup.

Obviously suffering ocular damage, his blindness was most likely due to the extremely unsanitary conditions and lack of any medical treatment.


But as soon as he heard his rescuer’s voices, they could see his true personality shine through despite his injury. He began hopping up and down and playfully wagging his tail. Clearly, he was desperate for any sign of affection.

Luckily, after receiving much-needed veterinary care, Dori brought him into her very loving home.


Even luckier, she happens to work for a veterinary office who doesn’t mind one bit when she brings Corey in for the day. She says the fearless pup doesn’t let his lack of eyesight slow him down one bit. He also has a talent for sharing his happiness with those in need, like Dori’s friend’s son Callum who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as an infant.

Check out this video to see the joy Corey brings to Callum (and everyone else) with his bright, happy face:

It’s sad to think of how much different so many lives would be if he hadn’t been rescued from his terrible living conditions. To help other pups in situations like Corey’s, visit the Humane Society of the United States or find shelters in your area to see how you can donate or volunteer your time. You’ll be a real lifesaver.


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