Confused Dog Attempts To Play Fetch With A Life-Sized Princess Elsa Doll.

With that being said, some dogs can get pretty frustrated when there’s no one around to play with. After all, fetch isn’t really one of those things that can be done solo, and an excited dog needs an equally excited human to play along.

So you can imagine just how frustrated this cute dog was when he found the perfect person to play fetch with, and she simply wasn’t interested.

After several moments of barking and trying to get her attention, the dog started to get more than a little discouraged. I don’t blame him. I probably would have gotten pretty discouraged too if I had been trying to play with someone and they didn’t move a single inch.

Little did this dog know, however, the ‘person’ he was trying to play with wasn’t a person at all. That’s right, this pup’s potential fetch partner was actually a life-size Princess Elsa doll, and let’s just say she was completely frozen. Hopefully this poor dog’s family took some pity on him, and took him outside for a nice game of fetch!

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