Cop Stops This Woman With A Pit Bull And Does Something She Could Have Never Expected

When a police asks us to stop or pull over, most of us would begin to worry what we might have done wrong. It’s because when the police usually ask people to stop or pull over, it’s because they did something wrong or may have violated the law.

So imagine the surprise of the individuals in the video below, when a cop suddenly asks them to stop. I’m sure they’re they began to search their heads what they may have done wrong when the cop approached them. But it’s actually the other way around! This cop is handing out rewards such as gift cards for free pizza and fries to the individuals who are following the rules or doing something good. You’ll see in the video that he stops a woman to reward her for keeping her Pit Bull on a leash. Watch the video and learn more about this cool, unconventional program!

Now isn’t that incredible?! These citizens are rewarded for abiding the law, and we think that’s awesome. This would encourage people to follow the rules, and better their behavior.

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