Cop Takes Selfie with Outlaw Dog

Law enforcement officers don’t usually publicly brag about or take pictures with captured fugitives, but once in a while doing just that is necessary. Officer Eddie, from the Bangor Police Department in Maine, couldn’t resist taking a selfie after capturing an escapee from the Humane Society – a four-legged real outlaw.


The pooch somehow managed to escape the facility and after a dragged out manhunt – better yet doghunt – the runaway was apprehended.

The comical selfie was later posted on the police department’s Facebook page with the following caption.
“We do not normally share photos of those that are being taken into custody. In this case, we made an exception. The look on his face is that of defiance. A true outlaw. Bandit. Scofflaw. There is no changing this jail dog. He is a wilding.”

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