Cop’s Confused By Dog Walking Alone, Then Sees A Frozen Woman In Pajamas Slumped Over On Porch

It was a strange sight to see the Black Labrador walking along in the snow covered neighborhood one morning in Wisconsin. Police officer Jeff Gonzalez managed to catch up the dog, named John Boy, and he could tell the dog was nervous. The dog desperately wanted the officer to get out of the car. Then John Boy ran up the street.

Gonzalez followed and found Krystal, John Boy’s owner, slumped over in her chair on the porch. Krystal has a heart condition, and she was unresponsive. Gonzalez called for help and got Krystal inside. Krystal’s daughter was called too. Happily, Krystal recovered, and she was very excited to be reunited with John Boy, who is being credited with saving her life. In the video, Krystal will meet her other hero, Office Gonzalez.

Take a look at this video

John Boy had been adopted and returned to the shelter three times before Krystal found him – sounds like they were supposed to be together! Share away, people!

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