Corgi Is Photoshopped Into Popular Movie Posters That Are Better Than The Originals

Dogs make everything better – including popular movie posters.

Maxine, an Instagram famous Corgi, lives in New York with her filmmaker dad, Bryan Reisberg and his wife Alex. The movie buffs decided to have a little fun with Photoshop and feature the adorable Maxine on their favorite new movie posters.

Maxine has over 135K followers who fell in love with the new creations. Her Instagram account is movie themed so it was only natural to swap in her adorable face into the posters.

The photogenic pup is a natural. Her parents not only edited her into the posters, but changed the titles to more cheeky dog-friendly ones. They even edited the captions. Just a few of the movies she took over were: A Quiet Place, A Star is Born, Black Panther, Mission: Impossible Fallout, and Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

A Quiet Place turned into “A Splashy Place”, with the caption “First comes play time, then comes bath time.” A Star is Born became “A Corgi is Born” with Maxine looking longingly into Bradley Coopers eyes. A favorite was “Won’t You Be My Corgi?”. All the posters are works of art and people went crazy for them.

The couple edited and released the new posters just days before the Oscars. They made the day of thousands of people who made comments like, “I want to like this post a million times! So awesome.” Another wrote, “OMG amazing!! I would watch them all.”

For all dog lovers, Maxine just made these good movies great. The posters were posted with the movie caption, “I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.”

Check out all her movie poster debuts and other adorable photos all with movie captions on Instagram.

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