Corgi LOVES the Shower!

We all know that cats are notorious for not willing to get nowhere near the water. But did you know that some dogs are even worse than cats when it comes to taking a much-needed shower? Well, not in the case of the Corgi from this video! He absolutely loves showers! How amazing is that? This video shows a series of clips of a seriously excited Corgi dog. And what is the reason for such excitement, you may wonder? Apparently, the word “shower” is what gets him bouncing off the walls every time! And that’s not even the funniest part! Not only does he start jumping around and running into the bathroom whenever his owner mentions a shower. He actually gets into the shower and tries to get the water running by himself! Unbelievable! OMG, how cute is this excitable pooch! That’s just too hilarious for words if you ask me!

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